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Ciao! Holidays – The Travel Platform for Holidays in Italy

We are pleased to announce the release of a new platform for holidays in Italy. Ciao! Holidays will bring you in the wonderful Italy and will help you to organise your trip there.

Ciao! Holidays includes features, such as a powerful hotel and flight search engine, useful destination guides, all-inclusive travel packages and a travel blog. In particular, the destinations are supplied with practical information about history and culture, attractions, shopping, gastronomy and curiosities. Furthermore, our travel blog will connect you with the soul of Italy and will help you travel in popular or less well-known but enchanting places with useful recommendations and tips.

Domenica, our native Italian intern at towards, has been a major contributor to the compelling content and photos of our new travel platform. You can find most of her articles on the Ciao! Holidays travel blog.

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